Why Do People Hate the Ice Bucket Challenge?



Unless you’ve lived under a rock this past month, Ice Bucket Challenges have been blowing up your Facebook and Twitter feed. It’s a great viral stunt to bring awareness and donations to ALS disease a.k.a. Lou Gehrig Disease, which over 12,000 Americans are suffering from. The ALS Association has seen a 1,000 percent spike in donations over this time last year. Yet fuddy-duddy haters on Facebook, Twitter, and contrarian “intellectual” blogs like Huffpo, Slate, and Salon are complaining about it, because that’s what people do on the Internet: Watch porn and bitch about… everything that’s ever been a thing. 

If you’re a hater of the Ice Bucket Challenge, I really think you should reconsider. Who’s the worse person: The guy having fun calling out his friends to donate money to a great cause and dump ice water on his head while recording it for everyone to see or the snarky keyboard warrior born-to-hate who says “deeerpa derpa derrrrp those damn kids!” and does nothing?

Ashley Burns at Uproxx wrote a fantastic post about why the Ice Bucket Challenge is a good thing and not something Internet hipsters should scoff at. Go read it.

READ: Why Are People So Upset Over The Success Of The Ice Bucket Challenge? via Uproxx:

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