So It Turns Out Pervert Dave Killed Two People, Including ‘Wheelchair Skip’


Last week, we brought you the obituary of “Pervert Dave,” a Florida man who succumbed to liver cancer at 64 but left behind a fascinating momento:


His nickname, it turns out, was the tip of the iceberg. The Tampa Bay Times today dug into the legend behind Pervert Dave. And Florida’s paper of record found some wild shit.

Pervert Dave gained his nickname in Vietnam for reasons no one, including Pervert Dave, could explain. He was shot down there three times, surviving physically intact before his honorable discharge in 1970. He did later suffer from PTSD, though, which may have contributed to his killing two people over a 13-month period in the early 1980s.

The first was an amputee roommate named—no joke—”Wheelchair Skip,” who Pervert Dave shot six times in an argument over money. He got off on self-defense. The next came a few months later, when a woman died in a car he was driving. He pleaded no contest to a DUI misdemeanor charge.

Sometime along the way, he was married three times, bought a Harley, contracted Hepatitis C, refused to fly on an airplane, and took up the pastime of wood carving on his property in Citrus County. His favorite was a skeleton riding a motorcycle.

His “longtime friend” Karen Baker is now passing along the details of his life, according to the Tampa Bay Times:

She has good-naturedly handled the hordes of media inquiries following the obituary she placed.

As for the nickname everybody wants to know about, Baker said, “It’s just something he came back with from Vietnam. It was just a nickname given to him.”

This man lived. We are all Pervert Dave.

[H/T: Tampa Bay Times]