Eagles Fan Calls Out Tom Brady On Twitter After Meeting Him In Costa Rica, Causes Heads To Explode


Meet Ian Servantes. Servantes is a millennial Philadelphia Eagles fan and news editor for Complex Magazine, a wonderful Internet publication regularly read in the BroBible office.

He just went on vacation in Costa Rica, where he did things like watch movies in treehouse jawn in the middle of the jungle:

At the airport, he met Tom Brady and his gorgeous supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen. She ribbed him for being an Eagles fan, which all us Eagles fans deserve.

Because Tom Brady fan boys are navel-gazing fuckbois themselves, Ian Servantes got blasted for his choice of words on Twitter, which was clearly a joke. Turns out Twitter doesn’t like it when you call Brady a “fuckboi”, especially if you’re an Eagles fan. RIP to your mentions from aggro Patriots fans who don’t get jokes, Ian:




Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 2.11.51 PM


But I doubt he cares. After all, Costa Rica has those good cold meds:

Meanwhile, the memes from his co-workers at Complex are on-point: