Is This Photo from 1,135-Feet the Craziest Selfie of All-Time?

by 4 years ago

Selfies have become such a popular mainstay of culture these days it requires a doozy of photograph to stand out amongst the billions of narcissistic snapshots. Photographers Daniel Lau, Andrew Tso, and A.S. went to such great heights to ensure that their selfie was memorable. The gallant trio climbed to the top of The Centre, the fifth tallest building in Hong Kong, to take this astounding video. While they were 1,135-feet above Hong Kong they decided to take a banana break because after venturing up 73 floors in a skyscraper you need your nourishment. Then Lau raises his selfie stick and gives a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. I so would have puked that banana up and some unfortunate pedestrian would have suffered severe head trauma from the supersonic spew.

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