Here’s A Photo Of The Guy Who Had His Nose Sliced Off With A Samurai Sword (Warning: He’s Not Looking So Hot)

This guy’s first go-round of Internet fame by way of humiliation must not satisfied his hunger. He needed to post an aftermath photo of his face’s encounter with a samurai sword so everyone could see that his nose was, in fact, sliced to all holy shit.

That photo is below.

Are you ready?

Ok then.


I’m the first person to see someone’s open wound and immediately begin to dry heave, but this photo didn’t bother me AT ALL. It totally could have been worse. Guy should be thankful that his buddy’s blade was dull as shit. Any samurai worth their salt would have taken his schnoz clean off in one swipe. Sure, his nose is flapping in the breeze and he has a menstruation mustache like your buddy who loves running red lights brags about, but it’s still mostly attached. Nothing that a decent plastic surgeon couldn’t fix. He’ll be back to making shitty life choices in no time.

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