Insane Pictures And Videos From The Massive Crane Collapse In New York City

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Earlier this morning there was a massive crane collapse in downtown Manhattan with many pictures and videos of the collapse and the frightening aftermath being shared on social media.

According to local news, the damage caused by the crane has, at this time, left at least three people injured and one dead, a 38-year-old man who had just stepped out of his car.

The crash happened on Worth St. near Church St. during weather described as heavy snow and 20 miles per hour winds.

“It looked like an avalanche — or that the roof was caving in from the snow,” reported witness Jesse Natale to the New York Daily News.

“This incident occurred literally as they were lowering the crane to secure it,” Mayor de Blasio told reporters with regard to the crane which has a boom length of 565 feet. “No work was done this morning because the crew made the decision to bring the crane down to the secure position.”

He also reported that workers were directing people away from Worth St. as the crane was being lowered, hopefully saving many lives as a result.

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