If You’re Not Eating PIECAKEN This Thanksgiving, You’re Doing It All Wrong

In Thanksgiving years past, the Turducken – a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey – was all the rage. Understandably so, because this is AMERICA and we do gluttony better than anyone else in the world! Byah! That said, this year there’s a new Thanksgiving calorie behemoth in town and it’s called the Piecaken (or Cherpumple if you’re a traditionalist).

The concept is simple yet amazing and I can’t believe it took humanity two millennia to see baking evolve to this point. Just as the Turducken combined three fantastic meats into one meal, the Piecaken combines THREE different pies and THREE different cakes into one delectable dish. Amazing.

Just look at this thing!

And the best part is, the combinations are literally endless. Any three pies and any three cakes you want, layered up for you to utterly demolish until you fall into a food coma.


I don’t know who thinks this shit up, but I do know that if there’s not one of these on my Thanksgiving table tomorrow come dessert time, I’m chalking the whole meal up as a loss.

Here’s how to make one yourself, so totally share this with your girlfriend and/or mom ASAP.

Piecaken FTW this Thanksgiving!

[H/T Distractify]