Piers Morgan’s Response To Michael Moore’s Comments About Snipers Being Cowards Is SPOT ON

Piers Morgan Visits "Extra"

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Piers Morgan is an acquired taste. Few people are on the fence regarding their opinion of him. It’s either love or it’s hate and there’s very little in between.

Actually, there’s probably plenty of indifference. A lot of apathetic motherfuckers roaming the earth these days.

For the last several months, Morgan has been a contributor for the Daily Mail. His column is opinion-based and could basically be entitled: “Here’s What Piers Thinks About This Shit.”

After Michael Moore’s comment about American Sniper and the fact that our country regards Chris Kyle as a hero caused an uproar yesterday– you know the comment I’m talking about, the one, where Moore calls snipers cowards —  Piers Morgan felt it necessary to chime in and let the world know what he thought about that shit (I’m standing by my campaign for that to become the new title of his column).

Per the Daily Mail:

Liberal film-maker Michael Moore even went as far as to brand all snipers ‘cowards’. A stinging claim that provoked an equally stinging response.

And a claim with which I couldn’t disagree more.

Kyle was just told to go and do his job; to aim his expert eye through the eye of a high-powered rifle barrel and shoot people – before they shot him or his fellow soldiers. It’s what snipers are paid to do. We may not like it because it’s a dirty, horrible, blood-thirsty job. But then war is a dirty, horrible, blood-thirsty thing. The only thing that matters in war is winning, and fighting within the rules including the Geneva convention.

Kyle was an abrasive, uncompromising character. His book, on which the movie is based, is not for the faint-hearted and makes no attempt to pacify those who worship at the altar of political correctness. He described killing as ‘fun’, admitted ‘I wish I’d killed more’, and said of Iraqis: ‘I hate the damn savages.’ None of which is very nice, but since when did we demand ‘nice’ from our snipers?

He repeatedly risked his life serving his country in some of the most dangerous terrain on earth. And by doing his job so well, better than anyone in his country’s history, he saved many American lives. We should reserve our ire for the politicians who ordered him into the war in the first place. THEY, if you opposed the Iraq War, are the real villains. HE is a hero. A flawed hero, perhaps, but still a hero.

Yep, nailed it. Good on you, Piers. And good on everyone who disagrees with that insufferable twat-rash, Michael Moore.

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