Semi Hauling 2,200 Piglets Overturns On The Highway, Wranglers Wrassle Up Over 1,500 Lost Piglets: VIDEO

Last night a semi-truck carrying 2,200 piglets from Indiana to South Carolina overturned on a highway in Ohio, spilling the squealing contents of the truck all across the highway. In an instant there were manic, frightened piglets running in every direction. Volunteers and pig wranglers were called in to gather up all the piglets, and video was captured of the insane event. So far over 1,500 of the piglets have been rescued and taken to the local fairgrounds, however the piglet death toll has risen to over 400 deceased piglets.

Is this the most insane video you’ll see this week? Probably. It’s not every week that you see footage of workers just grabbing piglets as fast as they can, rescuing from the side of a major highway. The crash too place early Monday evening on U.S. 35 in Ohio just outside of Xenia Township near Dayton, and the highway was reopened some time around 3am this morning.


The Dayton Daily News (video above) has the story:

“There’s quite a few dead pigs,” he told us at the scene. Fox estimates there are about 1,500 feeder pigs at the fairground, and volunteers have been able to water them down so very few are showing stress.
When he and his crew arrived on scene, the driver told them there were about 2,200 piglets in the trailer and 300 to 400 were still inside. Fox credited area farmers who brought livestock trailers to the scene because that allowed a lot of the animals to be rounded up safely, but he noted that pigs that ran off and made it into the woods might not be found.
Probably we’ll never get a hold of them… We’ll try as hard as we can, but we probably won’t retrieve them all. I can’t say what will happen to the pigs.
“If somebody finds a pig and wants to turn it in, call the local law enforcement and we’ll try to take care of it,” Fox said.


You heard it here bros, if you find any piglets off U.S. 35 in Indiana you need to CONTACT THE AUTHORITIES because we simply CANNOT have any rogue piglets running around out there in the world. Be sure to share this outlandish piglet story with your bros by clicking the links below, because what bro doesn’t love a good piglet story? And for more details on this crash you can follow the link above to the Dayton Daily News.