There’s Now a Pill That Vibrates to Shake Your Poop Out

VibrantGastro thinks they have a solution to constipation (in the medical sense and not the “Dawg, I haven’t shit since like last night” sense).

That, the former, involves hard, painful stools which are difficult to pass.

And instead of taking stool softener or the whatnot, VibrantGastro wants you to take their pill, which once it gets down to your colon, starts vibrating around and shaking the shit apart. Here are some GIFs that I assume simulate VibrantGastro in action.

And then here’s your poo after.

How does it work?

The Vibrant capsule targets the basic physiological parameters of constipation and induces natural bowel activity without using chemical supplements or changing the delicate internal body equilibrium.

The capsule mechanically induces the peristaltic wave in the large intestine, helping to relieve constipated patients without side effects.

Sure. No side effects.