A Mexican Pilot Got Fired After Letting This Hot Singer And Her Friend FLY The Plane From Cancun To Mexico City

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I vaguely recall reading somewhere that the only things pilots have to do while sitting in the cockpit is not fuck anything up, land the plane and make it take off. The rest of the time that it’s flying through the air the plane is on autopilot and as long as no one spills coffee on the controls everything is goody. With that in mind, if the pilot of your plane decided to let Esmeralda Ugalde and her actress friend Samadhi Zendejas dick around in the cockpit (har) for a while just to get a few good Twitter photos, would you be mad?

Pilot Fired Over Snap Of Singer Flying Plane

The answer is “Yes, yes you should be.” Because it’s a goddamn plane. I don’t care if it’s on autopilot or if it hasn’t even taken off from the ground yet, you don’t let random chicks fuck around behind the steering wheel of a plane just because they’re “pretty.” Do you want to end up like this?

I don’t think so.

Then again, you’d never know if your pilot was dumb enough to let randos fly the plane if said randos didn’t upload selfies of themselves flying the plane onto Twitter in the first place.

The pilot, who has not been named, was sacked after the pictures, showing Miss Ugalde wearing his hat, went viral on Twitter.

The pictures were posted online to Miss Ugalde’s 40,000 followers but have since been deleted.

The Magnicharters pilot, who was flying between Cancun and the capital Mexico City, was identified by the airline and fired.

Miss Zendejas tried to defend the captain by saying they had only entered the cabin when the plane was on the ground, but by then the pilot had admitted that he let the young women in during the flight.

Via Daily Mail

According to company spokesperson Jorge Badia people are not allowed into the cabin regardless of whether said persons are “famous” or if the autopilot is engaged due to strict rules put into place after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Well like, duh, but what if they’re hot? He didn’t say anything about them being hot. Then it’s okay, right?

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[H/T Daily Mail, images via Twitter]

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