Pitbull Does Horrible Job Of Hiding Guilt From Owner After Owner Confronts Him With Chewed-Up Shoe Insole

I once took a Psychology 101 class where the teacher told us that, in order for a dog to understand why it’s being punished, you have to catch it in the act and do whatever punishment intended immediately afterward. “You know what the dog learns when you shove its nose in the shit he left on the floor after you away for eight hours? It learns not to shove its face into shit,” he explained. “But if you catch him in the act and THEN shove its nose into its shit, THEN it gets it. But if too much time has passed, there’s no lesson learned.”

At the time, I thought that seemed pretty accurate. But this video, on the other hand, implies that the owner’s shoe was eaten up at least an hour before the video was taken (or at least that’s the vibe I’m getting.) Yet the dog still shows guilt – so which is it? Do you have to catch them in the act or can you punish them whenever?

It probably depends on how smart the dog is.

This Pitbull? Smart. My professor’s dog? Apparently dumber than a sack of dicks.