Insane New Topping Option From Pizza Hut Proves Absolutely Anything Can Go On A Pizza Now

Chain restaurants are constantly in survival mode. They’ll do anything to get people in the door. Crazy offers, odd food concoctions, free oral sex, the sky is the limit. In China, the ocean is the limit and Pizza Hut went deep diving for this insane pizza topping idea.

As part of this year’s Chinese New Year’s celebration, Pizza Hut is offering a pizza topped with a half of lobster, shell and all, in the Shanghai area of China.

Going for 98 yuan (~$14.90 US), the pizza comes topped with the aforementioned lobster as well as bacon, mushroom, asparagus, mushrooms, red bell peppers, and a drizzle of shrimp and lobster sauce. They’re also offering the more conventional option of getting half a lobster on pasta.

Just look at this pizza. Is it even a pizza anymore?

Once you add an entirely different meal to the top of a pizza, it’s not a pizza anymore. Case closed.

Just waiting on Red Lobster to offer customers the option of “pizza-ing their platter.”

[via Brand Eating]