Pizza Stone-Wielding Man ‘Delivers’ Devastating Blow to Friend’s Face, Yells ‘DiGorno Bitch’

This Vine came my way via Internet magician @_Cooper and it’s the cause of some of the largest out loud laughs in our office in quite some time.

I asked everyone to try and headline it. While the one I picked is excellent, scroll below for the best suggestions.


DiGorno, Bitch: Bro Blasts His Friend in the Face With a Pizza Tray

Not Delivery, But DiGorno Responsible for Man’s Brain Hemorrhage

“DiGorno, Bitch” Is the Move That Could Be the Game-Changer in Domestic Abuse

DiGiorno Bitch to the Face? DiGiorno Bitch to the Face

Bro Whacks Buddy Unconscious With DiGorno Pizza Stone, Unwittingly Creates Greatest Wresting Heel Ever

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Man’s Tombstone Will Reflect Another Frozen Pizza Company is Responsible for Death