Luckiest Man On Earth Survives Fiery Plane Crash Then Wins $1 Million In Lottery

A 62-year-old Indian man named Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar survived a plane crash in Dubai then hit a lottery jackpot of $1 million less than a week later.

“MoBash”, as I like to call him, was able to escape an Emirates plane that had crash-landed on the runway right before it turned into a ball of flames. Fortunately, he wasn’t the only one — the other 299 passengers and crew members made it out alive as well.

According to the Dubai newspaper Gulf News, Khadar purchased his winning lottery ticket before going on a family vacation to… (exhales sharply) Thiruvananthapuram… OW! I pulled my tongue. *Talks it off* I’m alright. The beachfront location is the capital of Kerala, which is near the southernmost tip of India.

Of course, the windfall comes at a perfect time for this car dealer as he’d been planning to retire towards the end of 2016. A car dealer, eh? Who better to buy a car from than a guy who just escaped death and is swimming in free money. Yeah, I’ll take ALL the options for the same price as your basic package.

Khadar told the Gulf News:

“I feel like God gave me a second life when I survived the plane crash, and blessed me with this money to follow all this up by doing good things…If you ask me about my plans, I obviously want to help the children in Kerala who are less fortunate than others and need some financial help and medical support.”

Pretty solid bro move right there.

Khadar claims God probably saved him from the plane crash, so he could win the lottery and help the children of Kerala. God’s all about working in mysterious ways. Angels must be like, What is He DOING? What is He DOING… over there? I never know what He’s DOING.

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Via New York Post

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