Are You Flying Home For The Holidays? This Story About A Plane Falling Apart In Mid-Air Will Make You Shit Bricks

Flying is already a horrifying experience for those of us who imagine the plane we’re on exploding into a giant ball of fire while attempting to take off, but all those fears are usually put to rest once in the air…unless a bolt shoots out of the engine and cracks the window right next to your face.

Happy thought, right? Well that thought was a reality for Redditor Skips_LegDay, who was about halfway through his flight when:

I heard a loud POP, looked out my window at a bolt that flew off the prop and broke through the outer pane…

The pilot later explained to him that it was one of the 12 spinner bolts that holds the engine on to the plane, and that he had never heard of it happening in his 25 years of professional flying.

Via Death and Taxes

So now you have a new horrifying scenario to run through your mind when you’re flying home for the holidays. ENJOY!

[H/T Death and Taxes and Reddit, header image via Shutterstock]