Low-Flying Plane Lands Insanely Close to Sunbathing German Dude in Terrifying Video

by 5 years ago


This guy was minding his own business on a north German beach when a single-engine plane and its operator tried to make him ruin his swimsuit. Odds are the suit is now permanently unwearable. That’s what happens when you nap next to a runway and the pilot doesn’t see you until the last possible moment.

Watch as plane comes in for a landing perilously close to our shirtless hero’s head. It’s a good thing he didn’t react to the deafening noise with any type of speed. If he had, his noggin would still be rolling.

The plane then careened through a fence, sustaining light damage.

The pilot was nice enough to apologize for the incident. Now maybe he should go the extra mile and buy the victim a new pair suit.

[H/T: New York Daily News]

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