WATCH: Plane Makes Perfect Emergency Landing On Highway In Traffic

by 11 months ago

Look at the brass balls on this impressive pilot. On Wednesday, the pilot of this Cessna 206 made a perfect emergency landing on a highway in New York. The white-knuckle landing happened on the Sunrise Highway in Yaphank, Long Island.

The single-engine plane departed from Bookhaven Airport and was traveling to Eagles Nest Airport in West Creek, New York. During the flight, something went wrong and the pilot was forced to land the plane before they could get to an airport. The airplane was able to make an incredible landing on the highway with cars on the road.

There was added danger because there were signs and an overpass above the road that put pressure on the pilot to put down the plane quickly or face a potentially deadly ending. The plane touched down and a police cruiser then pulled up behind him. If you are that cop you have to ask the pilot, “Do you know how fast you were going?” The reason the plane malfunctioned was not certain and there were no injuries


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