Girl Finds Out Boyfriend Is Planning On Cheating On Her, So She Plants Cameras And Gets The Ultimate Revenge



No one likes a cheater, but you know what people do like? Revenge stories. Revenge stories are fucking awesome. You get to live vicariously through people and sit back with a satisfied smirk on your face, thinking “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about…if that had been me.” In this case, you would be a 30-year-old woman who found out that your boyfriend was planning to cheat on you later that week. How did you find that out? You logged into his computer since yours crashed, went to check your email but the boyfriend’s email account is already logged in and the most recent email was titled something along the lines of “Can’t wait for next week,” detailing how your boyfriend was about to bang some girl while you were off at work.

How would you handle the situation? Call him out? Try to talk it out? Nah…you confront that bastard, like this via Reddit’s relationships subreddit:

I got up, showered, packed my lunch, and left for work. The hardest part for me was saying goodbye in the morning. It’s my routine that I wake him up, he gives me a kiss, tells me he loves me and tells me to be safe. It was all “normal” to him and he did just that. Tears were threatening to spill over the entire time he was saying goodbye to me, and believe if it had not been dark, he would have known something was up. (I wanted to yell and scream, at him, but I didn’t)

I left, treated myself to breakfast in an empty park and waited. The nanny cams that I bought have a live feed option thru your smartphone. I ate my breakfast while watching him clean up the house, watched my dogs torture each other (I left the dishes from dinner last night in the sink on purpose, petty I know but I needed to get some kicks in).

Then she came over, there wasn’t much fanfare, he placed the dogs in the backyard, she came into the living room and then things started happening. I let it happen, I let both of them get comfortable, move into the guest room waiting for things to heat up a little more. I had switched all the exhaust fans on throughout the house before I left( they cover up some noise and the door can be noisy). I parked right in front of my house and managed to open the door without being too loud.

I had decided that just walking in like I normally do and putting my stuff down in my normal chair was the way to go. I closed the door put my stuff down (all while watching them on the camera) and called out as I’m walking down the hall “Hey babe?! Guess what, I got cancelled! Where are you?”

Screaming ensued from her(I redditor called it!). Lots of “Oh my god, you said she wasn’t going to be here, what the fuck is wrong with you.” while scrambling to find something to cover herself. I managed to act surprised and said something along the line of ” Does someone want to explain what the fuck is going on?”

I managed to not get on my soapbox and preach at the fat slag, I found her fat ass running out of my house covered with a towel and yoga pants around her knees to be much more humorous.

He was dumbfounded, he could not say anything for at least 10 minutes. I maintained silence as well, I just stood there and stared at him with the “uh hello…. you need to explain the naked chick that just ran out of my house” look.

I couldn’t stand the silence anymore, I had to break it. I said “I did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment, this is not the way you treat someone you love.” I then walked into my bathroom and proceeded to let myself cry silently for about 10 minutes. During that time he came to his senses and was trying to weed himself out trouble using every excuse in the book. Telling me he thinks he is a sex addict and wants help….blah blah blah.

After my tears were dry I opened the bathroom door and just said, “Please get your things that you can now, get a friend to help you with your large things tomorrow while I am here, I am changing the locks tonight and you are no longer welcome here”

I proceeded to make myself a bump on a chair watching netflix and cuddling my dogs and totally ignoring the hurt puppy dog eyes and crying fits he was having.

He took all his clothes and he left, he had a friend pick him up. I had a(married) guy friend(Friends with the wife as well) pick up another lock set and install it for me as I am totally fried. It took me more than a few hours to sort everything out to where I can write it down.

As for me, I’m hurt, upset, pissed, but I can smile, I have my dignity and I got just what I wanted.

The only question I’m left with here is “Who the hell uses email to correspond with your sidepiece?” It’s called Snapchat text, and everything automatically deletes.


[H/T Reddit]

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