Guy Has Plastic Surgery To Look Like North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un, Is Now Fat And Ugly So MISSION ACCOMPLISHED


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Wang Lei is a Chinese man who one would have to assume is a masochist. Why else would you want to look like Kim Jong-un? He’s fat and ugly. He’s also the leader of one of the lowest bottom-tier countries on the entire planet. I’d understand if he decided to get surgery to look like Putin, because wrestling bears is badass and shit (even if it’s Photoshopped) but come on – Kim Jong-un? The guy who disappeared for 6 weeks because he got a bad case of gout from eating too much cheese? Why don’t you have surgery to turn your entire face into a giant pussy, that’s basically the same thing albeit a little more on the nose.

Wang Lei is the spitting image of the 32-year-old ‘Dear Leader’ of North Korea, and has reportedly gone under the knife to enhance his likeness.

He was caught by photographers in Nanjing, capital of east China’s Jiangsu Province, after bumping into a fellow plastic surgery lover – and going on a date.(via)

I’ll save you some reading and myself some copy and pasting: the “fellow plastic surgery lover” is some actress who got her tits done. You’ve never heard of her. She is not that hot (which we all know is what you’re really wondering), even with the tits.

Moving on.

Oh wait no we’re not, because that’s it. That’s the end of the story. Some guy from China decided to make himself even less fuckable by getting surgery to look like Kim Jong-un. Here’s a bunch of photos to make you feel better about yourself and all the life decisions you’ve made that HAVEN’T brought you to the conclusion that looking like KJU is a good idea:





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