People Are Pissed Because Play-Doh Toy Looks Exactly Like A Dick

It’s Christmas morning, your daughter has a smile from ear-to-ear as she sees all of her presents under the tree. She opens the first five gifts and they’re some Frozen-themed crap. She opens up a large box and it’s a Play-Doh baking toy set. Everyone is having a grand time until your daughter takes out the set and one of the parts looks identical to a plastic dildo. Quick! Everybody lose their shit!

That is apparently what happened this Christmas when parents gave their kids Play-Doh’s Cake Mountain toy set. One of the pieces of the toy is called an “extruder,” and it really, really looks like dick. It gets better, the extruder is a frosting dispenser. May want to shelve the white Play-Doh while using this play set.

Play-Doh? More like Dil-Doh.

Hasbro, the parent company of Play-Doh, has not addressed the design flaw of the extruder. But that hasn’t stopped parents from going onto social media to display their grievances and plastic cocks, but Hasbro has been deleting the comments and images from their Facebook page.

One level-headed individual attempted to qualm the fears of overbearing parents.