Playboy Model Planned $13 Million Prison Break For Jailmate Of Oscar Pistorius With Armed Gang, Helicopter And Weaponized Treadmill

This insane prison break plan reads like a Hollywood movie script or a GTA heist mission, but apparently, it was what the Playboy girlfriend of a notorious gangster was willing to carry out to set free a jailmate and friend of Oscar Pistorius.

Radovan Krejcir, a violent crime lord, was considered one of the richest people in the Czech Republic. He fled the country and went to South Africa. His criminal ways continued and he was convicted of kidnapping and attempted murder. He was locked up in a jail in South Africa and for a time was in the same prison as Oscar Pistorius. The gangster and the paralympian who killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, became friends. The unlikely chums would work out together in the gym.

Then came the plot to bust the mobster out of prison. Apparently, Krejcir’s girlfriend, former Playboy model Marissa Christoper, organized an elaborate and expensive ruse to get her boyfriend out of jail.

The plot entailed a gang of ten assault rifle-wielding men would storm the prison to spring Krejcir. They had inside information to release the mobster thanks to some corrupt correctional officers, who have since been arrested and are now testifying against Christopher. Then Krejcir and his small armed militia would board a helicopter outside the prison and fly over the border to Mozambique. They would then smuggle Krejcir into Argentina where he would have a new life with his girlfriend and mother.

However, the plan never got off the ground because it was foiled when guards performed a shakedown and discovered quite a bit of illegal contraband. The guards found a prison guard’s uniform, blueprints of the prison and a gun hidden inside Krejcir’s personal treadmill.

Officers also found a knife, screwdriver (to take apart the treadmill) and a list of the names of key witnesses and investigators involved in cases against Krejcir.

The former Playboy model faces charges of defeating the ends of justice, corruption and conspiracy to commit an offense of escaping from lawful custody. She appears in court this week to try to prove that she did not pay off corrupt prison guards in the elaborate prison break scheme that was estimated to cost $13 million.

Damn. I wish I had a ride-or-die chick on my side that would go to these illegal extremes for me, who also happened to be a Playboy model.