This Is Why Plumbers Shouldn’t Take Molly On The Job

I cannot say in earnest that I’ve ever looked at a plumber and thought to myself ‘that looks like the kind of bro who loves to pop molly.’ In fact, every plumber I’ve ever dealt with in my life has been a walking-talking caricature of his profession.

As recently as 3-months ago I had a plumber come to my apartment here in NYC to fix my kitchen sink, and while he was here he clogged my toilet by dropping a colossal bomb in it. True story.

But here we are, watching a plumber roll his face off during a house call and get caught on camera dancing up a storm. If more plumbers were like this guy we’d all be living in a better world.

I know the adage of ‘dance like nobody is watching’ is supposed to be good for the soul, but how in the hell does somebody actually dance that long in someone else’s home (or business?) without any sense of self-awareness?