The Polar Vortex II Is Coming to ONCE AGAIN KILL US ALL

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Yes, just two short weeks after the Arctic air of the polar vortex smashed weather records across the Midwest and Northeast, another system filled with freezing temperatures will hit the northern United States. The actual “polar vortex,” a strong area of low pressure that hugs the Arctic, will not cross the U.S. boundary—sorry, Canada!—but the cold air that surrounds it is on the way. From USA Today:

“It's already dipping below zero in parts of the upper Midwest, and temperatures there won't rise much over the next few days,” Oravec said. He added that below-average temperatures — even for some of the historically coldest days of the year — will spread east and south.

National Weather Service meteorologist Bob Oravec said that while the last blast of mind-numbing cold air only stayed around for a couple days, this one could last a week or more as multiple cold fronts take turns dominating the weather pattern.


Washington D.C. woke up to temperatures of 58 degrees today. Tomorrow, the high will be 18. The capital should also expect 3 to 7 inches of snow, while New York should see 4 to 8. (Looking out the window, it does indeed appear to be Seamless weather here.) Again from USA Today:

The snow will be stick around for a while in the sub-freezing temperatures, Oravec said. “It's going to be cold and windy for awhile and it's hitting an area of large population, so it will be a high impact event,” he said.

The Southeast won't be spared. Atlanta and Birmingham, Ala., are among southern cities that could see lows dip into the teens this week.


So anyway, how 'bout that New Jersey Super Bowl, eh?

[H/T: USA Today]

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