Police Department In Hot Water After ‘At Least’ 24 Officers Get Accused Of Having Sex With Underage Girl



There are some stories where you read them and think “Wow, that possibly could not have gone any worse.” Take that teacher who ran from police after getting pregnant from her student, or the other teacher who had a nine-hour threesome with an underage student as examples – those all sound like the epitome of “oh shit I done messed up,” kind of like how the Oakland police department was getting fucked last month after it came to light that “more than a dozen officers” had sex with an underage girl.

Well guess what?


Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent reportedly resigned on Thursday after it came to light that “at least” 24 officers had slept with the same sex worker, Celeste Guap, some of whom did it when “she was just 16”:

At least 14 of Whent’s officers had been sexually involved with Guap, whose mother is an Oakland police dispatcher.

She also told Mercury News she had slept with five Richmond police officers, four Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies, one Livermore officer and a law enforcement worker based in Stockton.

One of the sheriff’s deputies had sex with her in his personal automobile while his K-9 dog sat in the back, she said.

The investigation into the officers’ relationship began in September 2015, after married Officer Brendan O’Brien, who had been having an affair with Guap since she was 17, killed himself and named her and several officers in his suicide note.(via)

Not only did multiple officers sleep with Guap, but some even divulged confidential information to her in order to keep her from being arrested:

Under the screen name ‘Superman,’ one officer wrote: ‘Want some advice? Stay off E14 from Fruitvale to 42(nd Avenue) tonight. There’s a UC (an undercover) operation.’

She replied: ‘Thank u daddy I appreciate it (I don’t) wanna go to jail lol.’
Guap told the East Bay Express that ‘Superman’ had put her in a taxi after she approached him drunk and lost. She began having sex with him a week later.(via)

Guap also goes on to name others, including Officer Terryl Smith, as officers who would give her arrest records and other confidential information. “I would hook up with [Smith] like every Saturday night for three months straight,” Guap explains, “he had a mattress in his back seat and slept in his car in the OPD parking lot, so we would hook up after work.”

While the investigation is still ongoing, it’s clear that the Oakland Police Department is about to get neutered (in terms of how many officers it has, not in terms of the officers’ balls…although that may have helped to avoid this situation in the first place).

[H/T Daily Mail]

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