Police Chase Ends In Genius Driving Straight Into The Ocean For One Last Dip Before Jail (Video)

If you’re going to be thrown in the slammer, you might as well get one last taste of sweet freedom. Drive your stolen car into the glistening ocean, feel the waves crash over your criminal body, hear the seagulls coo, listen to your engine slowly give way to the salt water. Can’t get much more free than that. This dude is doing the whole felony thing the right way.

According to the West Australian,

A man being chased by police has driven a four-wheel drive into the ocean north of Perth in a bizarre bid to escape.

Police in four-wheel drives had been following the man for nearly two hours as he drove through sand dunes.

It is thought police spotted him earlier because he was driving erratically.

The vehicle is thought to have been stolen.

A police plane circled overhead as the drama unfolded on the beach.

The man drove in the ocean near Two Rocks as a police four-wheel-drive tried to intercept him.

Officers watched from the beach as the man clambered from his vehicle as it was swamped by waves.

The two officers went in the surf to apprehend him.

The officers battled heavy waves to grab the man and pull him from the surf.

At one point the man climbed on to the bonnet of his vehicle, but struggled to stay on as waves washed over him.

The vehicle was quickly submerged.



Check out the video footage below:

Soak it in, bro.

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