Police Chief Clocked Going 107mph Gets Pulled Over And Let Go With A Corrupt Laugh (Dash-Cam Footage)

Being the local Chief of Police has its perks, especially in Brinkley, Arkansas where Police Chief Ed Randle was pulled over for speeding after being clocked at speeds around 107mph. If you or I were to ever get pulled over going 107mph anywhere other than Germany’s Autobahn we’d be totally fucked. We would get slapped with an astronomically high speeding ticket, and in some states speeding like that is punishable by arrest. Not when you’re the Police Chief though. Instead of ticketing Chief Ed Randle everyone just laughed it off and let the good ol’ boy be on his merry way.

This video was obtained from the Arkansas State Police after a viewer tip, and the footage shows just how corrupt this encounter was that led to the police chief getting off scot free.

via THV11.com:

“I didn’t have your plate, so it didn’t go over,” the officer responds, which could indicate that, since the officer did not announce the truck’s license plate number into his radio, nobody else would know the chief had been pulled over.
After the trooper made a quick joke about getting a call because the truck was going so fast, the officer can be heard saying, “I had you locked in at 107.” Randle responded, “It won’t do 107. It’ll only do 95.”
Randle told THV11 that his truck has a governor on its engine that prevents it from going more than 95 miles per hour.
The officer then responded that he was driving 90 miles an hour and that Randle was still pulling away from him. They laugh a bit more, and then, roughly 45 seconds after the trooper first approached Randle’s window, the officer can be heard saying, “See you later, Chief,” as the two men walk back to their cars and Randle drives away.

He wasn’t on the job. He didn’t have anywhere to be. And yet he walked away above the law. He was putting the safety of other drivers on the road in jeopardy by driving that fast, other drivers following the speed limit who would’ve lost their driver’s licenses had the been pulled over going as fast as Police Chief Ed Randle. Complete bullshit.

Also, the trooper who let Ed Randle off with a smile is not being investigated, because why the fuck would he be investigated for allowing someone to break the law?

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