VIDEO: Police ‘Accidentally’ Put Murder Suspect And Witness Testifying Against Him In Same Cell, Chaos Erupts

If you’ve watched Sons of Anarchy, you are a certified expert on the underhanded maneuvers that are made by prison guards for financial gain that is paid for by criminals on the outside. Because you watched a television show, you know for a fact that there are secret fight clubs, intricately planned assassinations and correctional officers who turn their headd as some poor fuck gets shanked. Well there is finally a real case of this treachery was caught on camera, which is like life imitating art or some shit.

Markelus Carter is charged with aggravated murder with a firearm in the February 2009 killing of Kenneth Warrington, and he was placed in a holding cell in a jail in Ohio. There was already an inmate in the cell, a witness who was about to testify against him. The two gentlemen discussed the last GOP debate. Just kidding! Carter immediately attacks the witness, who retaliates by putting Markelus in a headlock and throwing some punches. Carter counters by biting the witness on the arm. After two minutes of fighting, the guards finally break up the donnybrook. Thankfully the combatants suffered only minor injuries.

That’s a real oopsy daisy. Orrrrrrrr some prearranged shit. Or a dumb guard.