Disturbing New Evidence Leads Police To Believe Brock Turner Shared A Photo Of Rape Victim’s Breasts

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Santa Clara Police Department

On the day that USA Swimming banned convicted rapist Brock Turner for life from ever competing again, more disturbing details came out about what might have happened on the night that Turner attacked his victim.

According to a Daily Mail report, police are investigating evidence that may show Turner photographed the breasts of his victim on the night that he sexually assaulted her and then sent the image to swim team members via the messaging app GroupMe.


Per the Daily Mail report:

Court documents seen by Daily Mail Online reveal that the disgraced athlete was sent a text via a group messaging app shortly after his arrest that read: ‘Whos tit is that’.

The message, which arrived through the GroupMe app, was sent by Stanford swimmer Justin Buck, originally of Aberdeen, UK.

Detectives were unable to access the photo sent by Turner. Pictures sent on it can be deleted by third parties. It is unclear who deleted the photograph.

To support the evidence, one of the male witnesses who caught Turner attacking his victim that night to police this, via Daily Mail:

Bolton said ‘the male subject was standing over her with a cell phone. The cell phone had a bright light pointed in the direction of the female, using either a flashlight app in his phone or its built-in app.

‘He approached the subject and asked if everything was okay. The male subject did not say anything to Bolton.

‘He told the male subject to roll her over onto her side to breathe. The male subject did not do this. Bolton then got on his knees and checked her pulse.

‘When he got back up, the male subject was gone.’

The police report also notes that a silver iPhone was found close to the victim, with its blue cover lying discarded close by.

Due to the privacy settings on GroupMe, the crime lab investigators were unable to retrieve the photo from Brock Turner’s phone—which they had a warrant to search through—making this new information difficult to prove. However, the news is another disturbing twist as more and more details come together from that night.

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