If You Haven’t Already Infuriated Your Friends With Your Political Views, You Can Now Endorse A Candidate On Facebook

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How many friends have you blocked, muted, or unfriended on social media because of their constant blabbering of their political views this election season? Or are you the one with the non-stop divisive and vitriolic Facebook blasts about a presidential candidate? Well, great news… You can now officially endorse a presidential candidate on Facebook to make sure that EVERYBODY knows EXACTLY who you are voting for!!!

You could already “Like” the official Facebook page of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but now you can officially endorse a 2016 presidential candidate like you were some big shot.

“Similar to how politicians, newspapers, and organizations endorse candidates for elected office, this feature allows anyone on Facebook to do the same,” Facebook’s product manager for civic engagement Samidh Chakrabart said. “People who want to voice their support can visit a candidate’s Page, click on the endorsements tab, and explain their rationale for choosing that candidate.”

You will be able to choose to have your endorsement publicly visible from your profile or only to your friends.

The presidential candidates will also have the option to feature certain public endorsements on their page.

While Facebook users have long been able to show their support for a candidate by liking and sharing their official page, an endorsement encourages you to post a message to the News Feed explaining your support. Candidates will be able to

So enjoy alienating your family with your staunch political views that will surely erupt in an all-out brawl at Thanksgiving dinner.

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