Online Polls Overwhelmingly Declare Donald Trump The Winner Of The First Presidential Debate With Hillary Clinton

The first of three scheduled presidential debates went down on Monday night at New York’s Hofstra University and we finally got our first look at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squaring off against one another. So now the obvious question is: “Who won?”

There were numerous online polls held after the debate to give us immediate reaction. Now these snap polls are not the most reliable since many of these surveys allow supporters of either candidate can cast multiple ballots. However, this does give us an idea on how the general public viewed the two candidates in the first debate.

Everyone was probably blackout drunk by the end of the debate, so who knows if these polls mean anything.

A CNN/ORC poll said Hillary won the debate. In the telephone survey of 521 registered voters who watched the presidential debate, there were 62% who said Hillary won compared to 27% who said Trump won. Of the respondents, 26% identified themselves as Republicans, 41% were Democrats, and 33% were independent.

There were 53% of voters who said Clinton came off “sincere and authentic” during the debate compared to 40% for Trump. The poll found that 66% of the participants in the survey said Hillary “expressed her views more clearly” compared to 27% for Trump.

FiveThirtyEight said Hillary’s 35-point margin of victory in the CNN poll is the third-widest margin ever in a CNN or Gallup post-debate poll, going back to 1984.

Only 41 days until the 2016 presidential election.