NOOOO, We Just Lost 40,000 Pounds Of Delicious, Delicious Popeye’s Biscuits In A Truck Crash

by 3 years ago


Things we’ve lost in 2016: David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Prince, Kimbo Slice, Gordie Howe, and now 40,000 pounds of Popeye’s biscuits.

Is any one of those tragic, untimely deaths worse than others? The answer is yes. It’s the Popeye’s biscuits.

Think about how much joy those could have brought people. Would you rather have another Prince song or another Popeye’s biscuit?

But no more. A truck in Mississippi flipped, losing all its cargo. It’s cargo was only the most precious thing in the world.

According to the police chief, the biscuits are being transferred to another truck for delivery.


So, we didn’t lose them?

That’s good. Maybe all those dudes up there could take a page out of these biscuits.

[Via @WMsDiary]

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