Porsche 991 GT3 Races A 350Z Procharger On The Highway When Out Of Nowhere A Sleeper Drops The Mic

There’s not a whole lot of geographical information with this video, so for now let’s just accept that it’s a ‘mythical highway where the world’s fastest cars get together and race’. Here we see two cars going head-to-head (before the ‘sleeper’ tears in there), a Porsche 991 GTS vs. a Nissan 350Z Procharger. The 350Z Procharger has a recorded quarter-mile speed of 107.78 mph, and the Porsche 991 GTS has a 1/4 mile speed of 126 mph. Suffice it to say that these are some fast cars.

They’re locked into a pretty good race when OUT OF NOWHERE a modded up Volkswagen Golf gets in on the action, blows them both out of the water, and leaves them in the dust laughing their collective asses off. People love to throw the phrase ‘sleeper’ around on cars that simply are not, like modded Mustangs and things of that nature. But this Golf is the very definition of a ‘sleeper’, and that move it pulled in this video just might be the single greatest mic drop I’ve ever sen in street racing.

Here it is again in GIF:

Hammer dropped. Mic dropped. Golf FTW.