Portland Brewers Think Beer Made Of Sewage Water Is The Shit

by 5 years ago


With the costs and accessibility of beer-making equipment becoming so readily available anyone can start a microbrewery in their basement. So it makes sense that the next step is to lower costs of the ingredients, including water. And it makes perfect sense that hipsters in Portland, Oregon want to turn sewage water into beer.

Home-brewers are planning on utilizing the Portland water treatment plant for a cheap source of water for their beer. The Clean Water Services of Hillsboro has an advanced treatment process that can turn raw sewage into drinking water. Sounds delicious.

“The water that comes from the high purity water system is the cleanest water on the planet,” claimed Mark Jockers with Clean Water Services.

To show the public that nothing is more refreshing than a cold glass of shit water, Washington County’s Clean Water Services is holding a competition to demonstrate different uses for its recycled water. Some local home brewers have requested to use the water for their beer.

The Oregon Health Authority has approved the request to allow the company to give the purified water to several home brewers. This is the first time Oregon has permitted residents to drink purified doodie water.

There are more than a dozen local home brewers taking part in a unique experiment to turn warm piss into glorious golden beer.

However before the sewage brewage can be served at public events the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality still has to approve the newly amended Recycled Water Reuse Plan. That’s expected to be decided during a public hearing on February 12.

It will make you question your brewski when someone says the “beer tastes like piss.”