Portland Man, Dressed in Bulletproof Underpants, Arrested For Using Blowtorch to Break Into ATM

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A Portland, Oregon man is in jail after having been arrested for trying to cut into an ATM with a blowtorch. While wearing bulletproof underwear, because if you are going to whip out an acetylene torch in the public commission of a felony, you might as well protect those balls. Via koin.com:

At about 3 a.m., officers responded to a U.S. Bank at Southeast Powell Boulevard and 36th Place on a report that a man with a backpack was using a torch to cut into the ATM. They spotted and chased him down, eventually taking him into custody.

According to Portland police, during the chase he dropped the backpack, which contained an acetylene torch and stun gun. When officers caught him, he was wearing two ballistic vests with multiple ballistic panels sewn into his underclothes, Portland police said.

He also had a large knife, and attempted to pepper spray an officer.

Hell, yea. Ready to rumble. Although, he probably shouldn’t have done any of that. All very illegal, as he was charged with felon in possession of body armor, first-degree attempted aggravated theft, attempted assault on a police officer, third-degree attempted escape, interfering with a peace officer, menacing, and possession of burglary tools.

Lot of stuff right there.

[Via Gawker; Man in underwear via Shutterstock]


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