That Photo Of Post Malone Choking Justin Bieber Has Officially Hit Internet Meme Status



Last week the world was abuzz with a video of Justin Bieber getting choked by Post Malone for putting out a lit cigarette on his arm. This is sad in more ways than one, for reasons including but not limited to:

  1. The fact that this is considered “news”
  2. Post Malone somehow managed to refrain from crushing Bieber’s windpipe
  3. Can we stop talking about Justin Bieber?

And while I’d love to not talk about Justin Bieber just as much as you would, here I am, talking about Justin Bieber, wondering where my life went wrong and contemplating all the easiest forms of suicide that would make it look like I’ve been murdered so that at least my life insurance policy pays out. Pretty sure my life took a drastic turn for the worse when I decided to be an English major – engineers don’t have jobs where they write about Justin Bieber. This is my own, personal hell and I’ve almost completely resigned to it. Joy.

As for the memes people have made out of the Post Malone v. JBeeb throw down, they’re all renaissance themed. Way to take something that could’ve been fun and turn it into an art history project:

Why renaissance theme? Because the above photo hits all the “golden ratio” points that many painters used during that time period:

The Renaissance artists used the Golden Mean extensively in their paintings and sculptures to achieve balance and beauty. Leonardo Da Vinci, for instance, used it to define all the fundamental proportions of his painting of “The Last Supper,” from the dimensions of the table at which Christ and the disciples sat to the proportions of the walls and windows in the backgroundnd sculptures to achieve balance and beauty.(via)

Translation: It’s that swirly shit in the tweeted photo.

Cue people going ham with it:





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