This Poster Of 16 Hidden Tigers Is Stumping The Internet, But Are You Smart Enough To Find Them All?


Hey man, I’ll be the first to admit I suck at finding stuff. Can’t find half the shit on my list whenever I’m at the grocery store and regularly can’t find half the shit I buy AT the grocery store after I’ve put it all away at home. So, with all that in mind it should come as no surprise that I maxed out at finding 11 tigers in the above poster.

To be fair, some of the tigers are pretty janky looking and shouldn’t count as tigers. Like the obvious ones are fine – the two in the tree, two on the rocks, one in the fern – but the ones up in the trees against the sky?

Yeah…no. Those looks more like melted Pooh-Bears than tigers:


All in all there’s 16 tigers total that you could’ve possibly found. Did you find all of them? Are you officially smarter than the rest of the Internet, myself included?

[H/T Daily Mail]