Potty-Mouth Princess Posse Drop Many Adorable F-Bombs On Domestic Violence

I want to adopt every single little girl in the video. I want to adopt them, hug them tight and say “it will be ok, also, can you guys call my mom and tell her a couple things for me?”

Honestly though, I understand the message, but I’ve got a couple issues with this video. First, I don’t know if the world¬†needed to see “abused” young girls to understand domestic violence it wrong. Fake black eyes don’t get attention. The fuck bombs already have our attention.

Second, as pointed out in this post, the “wife beater” kid seems a little stereotypical. Domestic violence is all drunk guys and questionable undershirts. It’s also not always women (though let’s solve that issue first before we get into any others).

I don’t want to be a completely negative Ned so I’ll say this — good job at alerting people of the issue through any means necessary. Even if it’s adorable little girls cursing like cab drivers.

H/T Elite Daily