PRANKS: You Have To Have Big Huevos To Egg Cars In The Hood

As anyone who has had a psycho ex-girlfriend knows, eggs can tarnish the paint on a car and make it look foggy or faded. So when these people see eggs on their vehicles they get enraged real quick and are ready to throw down.

YouTube prankster VitalyzdTv is back and apparently trying to get killed because he’s egging cars in the hood. Well technically he’s pretending to cook eggs on the hoods of cars, and not actually hurling raw eggs at people’s vehicles. However the only thing saving Vitaly from getting his ass handed to him is that the eggs are plastic.

To be fair, he did this prank in Ladera Heights where there’s a TGI Friday’s and a Starbucks, not exactly the hood. I would have loved for him to try this shit in Compton.