PRANKS: Sexy AF And Pantyless Girl Flirts Hard With Guy, One Problem, She’s His Bro’s GF

This right here is exactly why you want all of your friends to have ugly girlfriends. You should easily be able to reject the sexual advances of your bro’s girlfriend. But what happens if she’s sexy AF? I’d like to say that would be an easy “No,” but what if she’s really, really hot? This prank took things to a scary level when a dude’s super attractive chick flirts hard with his friend.

YouTuber JMX risked his friendship by playing a prank on his bro by having his gorgeous girlfriend flirt with the unknowing lad.

Wearing a slinky black dress that prominently flaunts her tits, the young woman talks to the friend as she innocently flirts at first by staring into his eyes and kittenishly playing with her hair.

Then she shows the poor fuck her bruises on her leg, and WHOOPSIES! She flashes her naughty bits because she is not wearing panties.

“Babe you really need to come out tonight I really want you to,” she says. “Tonight will be so much fun.”

The chesty enchantress strokes his arm while telling him “you should definitely come, you look good as well.”

Then she says, “You know why? I just really, really want your tiny Irish penis.”

The gig is up. Right in time too, because I think this dude was going to burst.

“I’ll be honest I’ve got a bit of a semi on I’m not gonna lie,” the friend says.

So what would you have done if this was your bro’s girl?

(How hard could it be to meet new friends?)

The actual prank starts at the 6-minute mark.