PRANKS: Guys Get REAL Angry And Ready To Fight When You Tell Them You’re Banging Their Girlfriend

YouTube prankster fouseyTUBE used Instagram’s geotag feature to find men near him and then research their profile to find out their girlfriend’s name and what she look like. Then he approaches the men and tells them that he’s banging their chick.

The first dude goes from 0-100 real quick. In less than 30 seconds, the boyfriend is putting his hands on Fousey and ready to kick his ass for sleeping with his girl Maria. The boyfriend asks Fousey’s name and he replies, “Papi chulo, that’s what she calls me.”

“What’s up Shawn. I don’t know how to tell you this, so I’m just gonna tell you and be a man about it. I’m sleeping with your girl Amber. I’m sleeping with your girl, I’m not lying.” To which Shawn responds, “Congratulations motherfucker you just got yourself an STD.” And then both men begin laughing hysterically.

Fousey went up to Mike, and said, “She had the Palestinian Stallion in her life and she went with you? With 1982 Rick James?”

Another skeptical boyfriend doesn’t believe that his chick is cheating on him. But Fousey studied both the boyfriend’s and girlfriend’s Instagram so he knows that they weren’t together last night, and he asks, “Was she home last night?” He then calls him Thor and tells him that he’s Aladdin and took his girl on a magic carpet ride.

He then asks a stranger to take a photo of him flexing and tells him he’s going to send it to his girlfriend, who is the same girlfriend of the dude taking the photo. The boyfriend doesn’t take the news lightly and pushes Fousey in anger, but then he walks away to call his “cheating” girlfriend.

“Yo Miranda told me to tell you that it’s over,” Fousey tells a stranger. He gets upset and things escalate.

I’m not even sure why the guys are mad at the guy banging their chick. Be mad at the girl who is supposedly in a committed relationship. It is a pretty fucked up prank, but then again that’s what makes it so funny.