PRANKS: This Girl Putting Live Maggots In Her Boyfriend’s Chipotle Is The Very Definition Of Evil

  1. The woman in the video above
  2. Josef Mengele
  3. Vlad the Impaler
  4. Pol Pot
  5. Ted Bundy
  6. Kim Jong-un
  7. Atilla the Hun
  8. Jeffrey Dahmer
  9. Al-Baghdadi
  10. Charles Manson

Those are my personal top ten most evil people in history. Did I overreact? It’s a possibility, I probably should have Adolf Hitler over Manson, but Mengele was a devil and I didn’t want to give the Nazis too much credit. However I stand by my #1 pick of this sadistic woman in this egregiously vicious video.

The woman from Mad House Pranksters knows that her boyfriend is going to be starving and will be watering at the jowls to stuff all that Chipotle goodness into his face. So what does she do? She maliciously mixes live maggots in his once delicious Chipotle salad. Diabolical!

I can’t even categorize this sinister plot as a prank, this goes over the line of a prank and into a vile act of torture. What human being does this? I could almost see this as humorous… IF she had a backup Chipotle salad to give to her poor boyfriend after he’s done puking up maggots. However her nefarious wickedness won’t allow it. Plus she just wasted an entire Chipotle salad!

You’ve gone too far lady. You don’t fuck with someone’s Chipotle! You’re a monster.

Apparently this over-the-top abuse was in retaliation for her boyfriend putting giant hissing cockroaches into her towel while she was taking a shower. Now that’s fucked up, but nobody is consuming creepy crawly creatures.

Can we start up a Kickstarter for the boyfriend? My heart aches for him.