PRANKS: Russian Hitman Is Back And He’s Using Strangers’ Phones To Call In Crazy Ransom Demands

YouTube prankster Vitalyzd has returned with his signature character Dimitry, the Russian Hitman. In this edition, Vitalyzd and his friend Kevin prank unsuspecting people in the streets of Los Angeles. The gag starts with them innocently asking strangers if they could kindly use their phones to make a quick call. Once the phone is in their possession, they bust out a voice changer and make a call pretending to demand $100,000 in ransom money from families in exchange for their loved ones including children that were kidnapped.

Mean-spirited? No doubt. Hilarious? Indubitably.

One stranger asks the hitman, “What do you do bro?” To which Vitalyzd calmly responds, “Kill people.” Then the owner of the phone then attempts to shakedown Vitalyzd, “You gotta pay me bro. Whatcha got in your pocket right now?” The hitman hilariously replies, “I got a penis in my pocket.”

Another pedestrian, who was super lit out of his fucking mind, was asked if he would help in the mission, and he responded “I’m too high, on speed.” Gotta appreciate the honesty.

While most were horrified that a criminal used their phone to call in a ransom and even resulted in physical altercations, one man wanted in on that $100,000 payday. He even agreed to cut off the toe of a kidnapped person for $50,000. The despicable duo hold hands and gleefully saunter off to go cut off a person’s toe.