President Clinton Used to Draw Dicks on Secret Documents

As you can see in the full, formerly top-secret document below, Clinton could draw a competent dragon, U.S. flag, and, uh, United Nations chef.

(He also had a surprisingly excellent limousine in his repertoire.)

Bill was a smart guy, and it should go without saying that his drawings weren't completely absent-minded. The president used a word-association trick to drill in the document's details, hence the United Nations chef beside “FRY” (which was the name of the UN arms embargo on Yugoslavia) and a U.S. flag beside “national elections.”

And then there's the dick.

First spotted in an excellent breakdown by the Atlantic Wire, the dick sits beside the bullet point, “The plan contradicts the President's letter to Senator Dole.” Dole was a spokesman for Viagra at the time, and he was well known for being pretty much the only failed presidential candidate to publicly admit impotence. We're not going to say we're POSITIVE that Clinton tried to remember Dole by turning him into an African fertility statue. But it kind of looks that way? 

Four more years of Slick Willy. The man was a legend.

[H/T: The Wire]