The White House Staff Played A Snowman Prank On President Obama And Twitter Had A Field Day With It

President Obama Snowman Prank

Pete Souza / Instagram

For the past 8 years, Pete Souza has been the official White House photographer tasked with documenting every moment of President Obama‘s life and travels. Recently, the White House staff thought it would be funny to start moving the snowman outside of the Oval Office closer and closer until Barry noticed, a harmless prank.

After realizing how damn heavy the snowmen on the White House lawn are they decided to up the ante, skipped a couple of steps, and moved the snowman directly next to the window:

Creepy? Yes. Hilarious? Not really.

What’s funny is the reaction that Twitter had to this harmless snowman prank:

This last one makes no sense, but I somehow don’t think this would all be complete without us seeing at least one instance of the Crying Jordan Meme.

(h/t TheLadBible)