A Priest, Rabbi, And Atheist Smoke Weed And This Is What A Perfect World Looks Like

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“Oh this is gonna be funnnnnn” the atheist says, as the priest rips a comically thick bong hit after saying he has a very low tolerance for marijuana. The rabbi then grabs the bong like a seasoned pro, but the quiet rabbi is somewhat hesitant to clear the bong entirely.

The atheist seems like a true veteran when it comes to smoking weed, and could not be happier about the chance to sit down with a priest and rabbi to poke some smot and get lifted like Samson. And why shouldn’t he be excited? Smoking marijuana in a non-taboo situation, in states like Colorado or Washington where it’s legal and without the lingering threat of arrest, well, smoking weed in those situations can be extremely pleasurable without any anxiety.

This video comes from WatchCut Video, aka Cut Video, the production team who went viral with their first clip of Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time, Play Cards Against Humanity, which is still one of my all-time favorite videos on the Internet.

I’d say that this ‘Priest, Rabbi, and Atheist Smoke Weed Together’ clip fails to capture some of the magic of that first video with grandmas, but this is still a phenomenal video.

Priest Rabbi Atheist Smoke Weed Together

YouTube / Cut Video

(via Cut Video)

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