Prom Photos Hilariously Show What Happens When You Put Too Many High Schoolers on a Footbridge


You’ve thought about it for weeks; if you’re a girl, years. You’re wearing the nicest thing you’ve possibly ever worn. Your hair is combed. Your acne is somewhat maintained. You’re posing for a picture with a girl you’d give your nuts to sleep with. You pause to think of that contradiction. No matter. You’re ready to crush prom.

“Not today, motherfucker.” — Bridge


As you can see from the viral pic above, 21 teens ultimately fell into a creek outside of Pierce, Nebraska while posing for prom photos this year. According to a mom, most wound up wearing what they wore the night before. And the only casualties, thankfully, were broken iPhones, broken sunglasses, and a broken bridge.

Also, a breakup or two, considering some bro definitely took this photo instead of dragging his date out.

[H/T: Reader email]