We’ve All Been Pronouncing Rihanna’s Name Wrong Because Life As We Know It Is A Lie

You would think after becoming a wildly successful pop star whose name is probably said out loud at least 5,000,000 times a day that Rihanna would care about the fact that people consistently pronounce her name wrong, but nope! Girlfriend don’t give a shit, and honestly good for her. You don’t get to be where she is in life by nitpicking at the details forever and ever, so it makes sense that while 99.99999% of the world pronounces her name “Ree-ah-nah” she’s happily out and about, doing her thing, pronouncing her name however the fuck she wants…as “Ree-anna.”

What other aspects of your life are a lie, you ask? Well for one thing you’ve been wiping your ass wrong for as long as you’ve been alive, but that’s a whole other can of shit I’m not about to crack open.

[Via Instagram]