Woman Calling Herself ‘The Best Prostitute In PA’ Was Pissed Off About Being Arrested — So She Got The Ultimate Revenge On Cops

Never make a woman angry — especially a woman you’ve been paying to bang.

D’nise Bluchevich (yes, she spells it that way, let’s all get over it and move on) was arrested “for prostituting herself on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre” in early April. D’nise was none too happy about the arrest and claims the charges are “hypocritical” because half the cops in the area are her clients. Looks like the one guy not paying to pound her wizard’s sleeve was on duty and pinched D’nise for prostituting.

The self-proclaimed “best prostitute in all of Pennsylvania, if not the galaxy” decided to exact her revenge on the cops.

“I have pictures of po-po’s pee-pees in my flip-phone, and I put that shit all up in the internets and everything,” she said.

Bluchevich launched www.NEPAPoliceDicks.net on April 10, and said she will not remove the site until all charges are dropped.

That might be the greatest quote in the history of everything, ever.

Now, I’m not going to check out that website, nor do I need to, but it looks like D’nise has the upper hand in the situation. Until she gets in even bigger trouble for announcing she’s the mastermind behind the website. Then she’s probably in a whole new world of shit. She said she was the best hooker in the galaxy, she never claimed to be the smartest.

But here’s the craziest part (as far as I’m concerned) of the story — the website might actually be helping cops get even more ass.

Wilkes student Delia Morgan said she loves the site. “I’m surprised that there are so many hung police officers from the area,” Morgan said. “I fantasize about cops every night now. Every night I dream about getting arrested by a corrupt police officer; but because the cops are so hung, I have trouble remaining silent.”

Maybe the cops will be grateful to D’nise and leave her alone while she’s working? If not, she might need to move. Maybe even to a different galaxy.

[via The Weekender]

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