Dude Dishes Out Nasty Punch/Kick Combo While Holding His Groceries And Doesn’t Even Spill One Twinkie

See that gentleman above on the left? The one with his sunglasses being ejected from his face from a nasty right hook? He done fucked up. Big time. He ill-advisedly got in the face of a man who wasn’t about to put up with his trifling bullshit.

We take you to Baldwin Park, California where the foolish gentleman takes umbrage with the bald-headed bruiser and they literally butt heads. They are in such close proximity that both men could tell what the other one had for breakfast that morning.



Baldie delivers a right hook that shocks the other dude. It is followed by three more right hooks and the other gentleman falls to the pavement.

After being dealt four punches, he inexplicably attempts to get back up to fight.


Two powerful kicks to the face quickly dash any hopes of returning to the brawl.

Baldie wiped the floor with this clown all while holding two grocery bags. He didn’t even spill one foodstuff. I’m just impressed that the bags didn’t rip, must have double-bagged that shit.

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